Making a flip book

I tries to make a flip book about the transmigration of the soul from one body to another within the cycle of birth and death.

I used collage and pens to try to accomplish the task which was great as an experiment but not so wonderful as a final piece because it needed a lot more thinking through than the time allowed. This was great fun though and I really liked playing around with the concept and looking at how the flip book can be done in so many ways! Exciting especially in view of how to make simple effective and beautiful animations.

My attempt at making a flip book in class.
Transmigration of the Soul flip book project.

My fellow students left their comments and they liked the idea of using collage but they wanted to see it work in full, there was not many pages done so we could not get a real idea of what a final outcome  would be like with such few pages to flip. This needs a lot more work to be a successful book but this in itself was a successful experiment.

Transition through the species
A journey Back to Godhead
the body changes but the soul remains the same.
From a childs body to an adults body
Transmigration of the soul

The cycle goes on and on until one becomes Krishna Conscious
A brief explanation of the transmigration.


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